Been a while…

It has certainly been a while. Had a long and rough summer. The car was doing nothing for a while. Dropped 30lbs off me, so I can’t wait to see how that feels on the track. Only recently have I even begun to fiddle with the car. Here are some quick updates.


My windshield had gone through 9 years of serious abuse from me and the previous owner. While attempting to fix something on my car I accidentally cracked the windshield and decided it was time to get it replaced. I searched M3Forum and everyone talked about SafeLite and OEM. Safelite offers OEM glass and mouldings as well as their own made in America glass and oe quality moulding. I decided to go with Safelite since it was $500 vs. $800 and for what I put the car through – track/highway/track/highway etc. There was no reason to pay the additional $300. I had Safelite come and replace it – a 30 minute job.

People complained about waviness in the glass and I do see what they are talking about. The waviness occurs more towards the bottom of the glass – near the defroster vents. Not a big deal. I can see how some people would dislike it.


I had wanted to put back the interior for a few months. I had a track event last month. On the way there, I had a blow out and had to put on a hoosier and drive to my friend Lightwerkz garage and decided to swap in my interior. I put down the front and rear carpets – which were a pain in the ass since we didn’t take them out the right way and we didn’t want to remove the dash to put it in the right way – it got in and it looks great. Definitely quieted the interior up. I also put in the rear seat cushion and the rear door panels. The car sounds great now and is way more civil.


The past few weeks I have been turning on my car and the battery light illuminates red for a few minutes and then goes away. This is an early sign for alternator failure. If the alternator is failing, that means the car is running on the battery – which will die soon. I decided to go with the ECS Tuning Bosch Remanufactured Alternator. It was around $300 and there was a core return – so I would get back $80 or so. The alternator install is straight forward.

1. remove the strut bar
2. remove the airbox (for me it was removing half the cf evolve air box)
3. undo the 16mm alternator pully bolt
4. undo the 16mm lower alternator bolt
5. undo the voltage regulator sensor
6. undo the 13mm red battery cable
7. shimmy the alternator out
8. reinstall new alternator

I ran into a snafu. The bottom bolt wouldn’t fit. initially i left it off, but read that was a big mistake. I returned to it today and dremeled some clearance for me to install the bottom bolt. Everything is fastened up and ready to go.


Decided to sell both sets of my Apex ARC8 wheels. I initially went with the Apex because I wanted 2 sets of wheels for the price of one set of wheels – the Volks that I had. Since I am finished with the hoosiers, I decided to sell both sets and get one set of wheels and start running some NT01 or maybe even Hankook RS3s. I do love putting down awesome lap times, but decided that maybe maximizing less aggressive tires would be more fun. Only time will tell.

Oh yeah, I bought a set of Takata Green Volk TE37SL. They should be here on Tuesday.


LED Reverse Lights

M3Freak86 over on M3Forum bought some crazy LED reverse lights. I needed to have the same so got them. No error codes and they are BRIGHT as heck! Installed them today.


led lights




So far thats all thats been going on

Will update you once I get the Takatas on. Also – have a track event on next weekend. Can’t wait to get out there!

One thought on “Been a while…

  1. Great to see this blog come back to life! Nice update buddy!

    The rear end of your car looks all sorts of sexy. Just needs that CSL Bootlid finishing touch 😉

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