First time ever hearing a CSL air box…

I was at Eurofest today and dyno’ed my car with the Tuning Techniques Dyno Dynamics dynamometer. It has been 110 miles since I installed the air box and the tune. I am not sure how many miles are required for full adaptation, in fact my car actually was surging and stalled before I got on the dyno, but she fired up real quick.

I remember forum member nnacpil ran a 319whp going catless w/the evolve r tune. i was hoping that i would be somewhat close to that, considering i just spent 5k on the air box and tune! I got a 306whp. the weather was around 62 degrees and off we went.

I had never heard a CSL air box. I have previously stated that I can barely hear mine since my car is gutted and I have never heard one on someone else’s car.

The minute I heard it…my eyes widened and a bit of drool formed on my lip! The thing sounds outrageous!

here is the video

It starts getting good at around 45 seconds.

So regarding the #s. I have no baseline with Dyno Dynamics dynos, so I have no idea what the delta was. Overall I am very happy with the over 300 #. I ran on a dynojet with a stock headers, 1,2 and rogue el diablo. I ran a 290. I wonder what I would get if I went catless.


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