Quest for full Supersprint deliciousness

A few years ago, my good friend Lightwerkz had a full superpsrint exhaust set up – SS Stepped Headers, SS Section 1, SS Resonated Section 2, SS Race – on his E46 M3. It was the greatest sounding exhaust I have ever heard in my life.

At WOT, it was just pure terror. I loved listening to that car. The Supersprint Race is a great muffler and accounts for about 75% of the noise, but when you start adding the other exhaust components, especially the headers, the sound changes dramatically.

I have OEM CSL Headers on my car. I never plan on doing a header job again, so I won’t be changing those, but the section 1 and section 2, are another story. As of right now, I am running the Euro Section 1 which have 2 bungs for the o2 sensors. The US Section 1 does not have these bungs. I easily could have 2 o2 bungs and an EGT bung welded on, but I think all that would add up to 200 bucks or so. For another $150 I found a nice set of Supersprint Section 1 pipes.

I can’t wait to put these bad boys on and be able to run the o2 sensors and EGT sensor. Good purchase.




Now the next question is, will I get a Supersprint Unresonated / Resonated Section 2 pipe to complete the set up? Highly doubtful. I had a Resonated Supersprint Section 2 and it was very loud and annoying. It kind of overwhelmed the sound of the SS Race. So for now, I will just keep these 2 pieces from SS and keep the OEM section 2. I also have heard that the OEM Section 2 is the best pipe to create low end torque. Either way, I am glad.

Thanks for reading.

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