Cleaning up Airbox Install part 1

So I decided to clean up my install a bit.

For some reason, my upper radiator hose plastic shrouding was “rubbing” against the front of the CF air box – near the evolve # plaque. I looked at various installs and it seemed like people had plenty of space between the airbox and the shroud. I discovered that after my cooling system rehaul, I did not install the shroud properly.

Initially I wanted to remove it, since the CSL doesn’t even have this shroud, but I didn’t have access to a dremel and realized that if it were fitted properly, it would be fine.

I undid the push rivet and lined it up and put it back in properly.


Once the shroud was installed properly, there was plenty of clearance.



I left the snorkel off the car, but was not sure if it was mandatory to have it on. I know the doesn’t have the upper radiator hose shroud, but does have the snorkel, but thats because the intake opening is much higher compared to the Evolve air box.


I will probably leave it off for now. The next thing that I want to take care of is the driver side front suspension canister. I zip tied it to the radiator support near the driver side headlight. Its fine now, but the adjustment knob touches the upper radiator hose coupling. Obviously this is not good. What I want to do after advising with my friends was get some hose – plumbing hose of some kind – and zip tie it to the radiator hose and have the canister rest on that. Also plan on removing the gold take since I have been reading that the aluminum on the canisters dissipate heat quickly so there is no need to keep the heat in.

Thats it for now.

Thanks for reading!


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