Pole Position Raceway Jersey City – Winter Racing Series – Race 3

I had high hopes for race 3. It was on Track 2 but in reverse. This was new for everyone on the grid. Practice was fun, i set the fastest mark, 15.900. Qualifying placed me in 3rd, with Brandon B and Bossslayer hitting 15.730 and I hit a 15.800.

Starting P3 in the race was worrisome to me. I know that track 2 is very tight and passing is quite limited on this track. I appreciate everyone in the grid driving cleanly and with tons of etiquette, so I wanted to do the same. I knew that I could probably make a move on P2 on turn 1. I had the racing line and since the tires were cold, the karts would understeer outwards and if I lifted and took the turn slowly, I’d be able to pass. Unfortunately, P2 anticipated the move and closed the door on me. I stuck my nose in a bit, but I backed off. I didn’t want to ruin his race, and there would be a chance 1 or 2 guys could of taken us out. No good! So i backed off. 2 laps later, I got by and moved into P2.

Brandon kept gaining and gaining. He eventually caught up to traffic. I was coming up on P8 or 8, who spun, and I had to move out of the way. What sucked is that all the karts slowed down. But since me and p3 were at a slower pace, we remained in speed 1, where as everyone else was coasting from top speed setting, so they gained a crap load of ground on us. At this point, the race was over. I finished P2 and Brandon has slowly pulled away with #1. Brandon destroyed his previous best with a 15.510s. Jesus H Christ. I managed a 15.700.

Here is the video of the race. Sorry for the angle of the video, its a bit low. Need to move it up a bit.

Next week is a big race. Its a 40 lap Super G endurance race with 3 pit stops. Need to pit at the right time and may have my buddies come by to monitor!

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