Winter Practice

So the season is over. The M3 is going to get an oil change and I am waiting for my Evolve CF Airbox – which should be here in a few months I believe. Until then, how do we continue to get our itch scratched?


Me and my three buddies have been frequenting Pole Position Raceway in Jersey City. This building is huge and is a great place for indoor electrical go karts. GPNY in Mt.Kisko is great, but an hour away is a pain in the ass, especially for last minute trips like last night!

-low traffic area – exit 14B off NJTP
-relatively cheap – $20 races / sometimes $15
-only gets busy on saturdays and sundays
-karts are quick
-challenging track

The cons at this place are
-no elevation changes
-super g should be open all the time – and closed off when kids need to use track 2
-race matching sucks – you can get experienced guys on the track with first timers – that don’t look at the blue flag
-car consistency – its rare, but once in a while you will get a car that has shot tires or a shot alignment.

For $20 a race, you can’t go wrong. PP also has $15 race nights, where you can buy unlimited races.

There are two tracks at Pole Position – Track 1 and Track 2. Monday nights they combine them and call it a Super G track. The following videos are on track 1.

Good times on this track are anything below 22 seconds. The track record is 20.6 I was told.

My personal best – 21.490 –

Thanks for reading.


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