Final track event of the season

So we crossed the t’s and dotted the lower case…j’s. The car was set up finally – Moton Clubsports, Ground Control Race Sways, Spherical Upper Inner Control Arm Bushings, Hoosier R6 – thats the upgrades that took place this summer. It was time to finally see what this baby could do.

Well it was a cold weekend. I don’t think it was colder than 65 degrees on the track. Jamming 4 tires into my car was interesting, but easily can be done. Borrowed a jack and a Snap On from my buddies and we were able to go.

My previous best at NJMP Lightning was 1:17.6 earlier this year – on shot Toyo R888. This time I was able to drop 2.7 seconds – achieving a 1:14.999. Here are two laps – a 1:15 and the 1:14. Really excited about this.

Obviously the tires gave me at least 2 seconds, but my main thing is, r comps and slicks require you to KNOW how to use them. I wasted a way a set of NT01 because I didn’t push them hard enough. This time I decided I was going to push it. I attribute my improvement in driver skill from a combination of more go-karting and the video game F1 2011. I just felt the car was so capable and carrying more speed through turns became second nature almost.

Here is the video:

2 thoughts on “Final track event of the season

  1. That’s seriously fast! Mind sharing your spring rates and where you are at with the sway bars? Where did you finally settle at with the alignment? Are those rear control arm bushings your talking about?


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