Coming back…

So I have been depressed since 2008 when I sold all my CSL parts. I had a Vorsteiner CSL Front bumper, OEM CSL rear bootlid, and Fusion CSL Rear Diffuser. Loved how the car looked.

I removed the CSL front bumper because the lack of 2 brake ducts, removed the OEM CSL bootlid since it was $2400 sitting on my back, and removed the rear diffuser – i don’t know why – just removed it.

I decided to add some CSL bits. All I can reveal now is that I ordered a CSL Diffuser from Tekarbon. Its 1/2 1×1 CF painted – cost me $335 shipped to me.

here is a taste of what my rear end used to look like…


I definitely would love to get another CSL bootlid – I would only get a csl bootlid from the guys up in toronto – Scorza…


3 thoughts on “Coming back…

    • Lol got rid of the bootlid because it was $2400–essentially a front bbk which is what I bought when I sold it. Sold the front bumper and used that money to get a brake cooling kit.

      I wanted to set the car up for pure function. Now I can dick around and add a few cosmetic parts here and there. This is a cheap enough part so I wont feel blue seeing such expensive parts on my car- especially since my car is dirty 350 of 365 days of the year 🙂

  1. Despite so many people having these CSL parts, I still love it and lust over having it. I just wish I had the many extra pennies to get my own.

    In the extremely far future when everything else is done, I hope to start getting some fancy CF parts to lightening up our cars. My goal is to lighten the car substantially without losing everyday civility.

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