My friend’s experience w/the EPIC Race Tune

Ok guys, here is the data chart.


My buddy’s set up

AFE Stage 2 Intake
E-Bay Headers
Bimmerworld Race Exhaust
Epic Race Tune w/remote tuning performed by Epic

Original max hp – 283.4 @ 7500rpm / original max tq – 222.4 @4000rpm

New max hp – 298 @ 7500 rpm / new max tq 224

So essentially the max hp delta was 15whp. Looking at the dynograph, the difference starts at 5500rpm – which is what Epic advertises their gains from – top end power. The torque is laughable – as there is NONE below 4500rpm, but the line flattens out and stays at a higher level until redline – which is perfect for track cars.

In comparison with my Evolve tune:


Ok there are 3 red lines – for tq – mine starts at 200 and the bottom two are my friends. There are 3 blue lines – the top 2 are my friends, the bottom one is mine.

So as you can see, the bimmerworld race exhaust COMPLETELY robs the car from bottom end torque. You don’t see any torque until around 4500rpm – which completely disqualifies this set up from being a “street friendly” exhaust. The BW exhaust is for cars that live in the top end of the rpm band. The epic tune picks up power and we see a clear separation from 5500rpm to redline – thats where the delta 14whp lays. This is advertised, so there should be no qualms about that.

The torque data plots flatten out compared to the oem tune – which also is expected, but there is very little in the form of delta – the torque value barely changes – just remains higher from 4k rpm to redline. Interesting.



Both tunes are VERY different from one another. The evolve tune is perfect for those that still street drive their car and want bumps in power and tangible torque feel – especially since you will see an increase in torque from a very low rpm range (pretty much 2k rpm to redline). I think that the Epic tune is perfect for race car drivers and those that have track only cars – as you see power only in the upper rpm range.

I would definitely like to see the Epic tune on a car w/a traditional exhaust set up – as the lack of torque until 4500rpm is absolutely ridiculous and I would never want someone to have such a low tq car – especially driven on the street. Unfortunately, Epic and Bimmerworld have said that the 3.5inch exhaust is what helps the epic tune achieve the best gains – so who knows. I would definitely like to see the Epic tune on a traditional exhaust system – so we can see where the torque gains start at and where the HP increases as well.

Which tune is right for you?

Its a tough question. Epic and Evolve have created wonderful tunes that give our cars actual power – after 10 years of being told there was no power to be gained. I think that Evolve was the best tune for me since I still drive my car on the street. The Epic tune requires almost – de-streetifying your car (if thats a word). But until we see an epic tune on a traditional exhaust system, I don’t think we can say one is better than the other – in addition, an Evolve tune on a race exhaust system.

For me, who runs a traditional m3 exhaust system, the evolve is perfect. Torque is perfect for me throughout the rpm range, and the delta in WHP was great – 17 vs. 15 for epic.

For those that know they keep the car in the higher rpm range and have the supporting modifications – the Epic is the way to go.

Either way, you won’t go wrong – just different tools for different applications.

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