VAC Floor Pans

After removing the carpet this winter, I was not sure what or how I was going to proceed. I knew that there was an un-evenness to the floor pan of my car w/out the carpet. BMW goes as far as putting a piece of styrofoam – yes styrofoam – under the carpet to make the floor even. I guess there is a bigger reason why the floor is not flat. Anyways, I purchased the VAC floor plates. They cost me $267 shipped. They are essentially diamond plated metal floor mats. They rest on the front seat mounting hump and the sidewall.

Here are how they looked bare:


VAC accidentally sent me the E36 ones first (bottom ones) and then realised their error and sent me the E46 ones (on top) the next day. Great customer service. Provided me with a return label to ship the E36 mats back.

As you can see, they are BRIGHT and really obvious. Also, they seem to be flimsy, but I think thats because they aren’t drilled into anything.



I decided to paint them. What to use? I initially was considering Plasti-Dip, but when I went to Home Depot, I found pick up trunk bed paint. It is supposed to be very durable and can withstand a lot of abuse. The paint said that it could be applied to bare or primed metal. I decided that I would clean it with some simple green, prime it, and paint. It came out pretty damn well!

Here is a pic of my make-shift paint shop:


Today I installed them. I laid the mats on the floor. Made marks where it would be wise to secure the mats. I chose 2 points on the front hump where the seats bolt in, and to the side of the car frame. These points were chosen because of their ease of installation and the lack of anything behind them. I drilled holes into the floor pans – big enough that I could fit in these self-tapping screws into them – 10mm screws


These screws required a bit more drilling. I then drilled smaller holes into the seat hump and the side of the interior.

Now you see me


Now you don’t!


And the side:



And what they look like installed:


The pans became extremely sturdy once secured. Really like how they lift the feet up to the proper position that only one gets when using carpet. VAC did a great job with fitment with these mats. I wish that they would offer the mats in the bare material they have or a more textured durable black. It would look much nicer. But regardless, they are a great product and I would highly recommend them!

Overall, really happy with how they came out – fit, paint wise, and installation. I am going to put my oem floor mats over these pans, so i can rest my feet finally on long drives.

Thanks for reading!


3 thoughts on “VAC Floor Pans

  1. hrmm. I’ve got carpeting from the front of the seats forward and if I ever were to take it all out I would definitely put these in as a nice finishing touch. A lot of heat comes off the transmission though.

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