Anticipation for the new tune…

In anticipation for the Evolve tune, I decided to head over to Maximum PSI in Linden, NJ to get my car dynoed on their SuperFlow Auto Dyno. I was told by a buddy that these dyno’s tend to read very low and are quite quite accurate.

My previous dyno run was at a dyno shop in CT on a DynoJet. I had OEM Headers, OEM Section 1, Rogue Section 2 and Rogue Muffler. I put down 290whp. I was ecstatic at that number but was told that it was a very “inflated” number.

Here is a chart from that day and a quick video:


Let’s move to today. Here is a chart from today’s run


271.5whp and 218lb-ft tq. lower, but I am assuming accurate.

Here is the video:

Overall, I am happy where I am at. Although, I initially thought my # would be closer to the one from ICS, I am well aware that those numbers were inflated and my 271.5 was consistent and probably more accurate. I am eager to see what delta I will get with the new tune.

All estimates indicate a 15-24whp bump. If I can get her up to 290whp, that would be great. I obviously could run catless and get a quick 10whp, but I really don’t want to deal with the emissions headache.

Oh well, until next time!


2 thoughts on “Anticipation for the new tune…

  1. NIce dyno bro! I experienced something very similar with all my dynos too!

    When I got my completely stock dynos done at one shop, I pulled around 290whp…then I installed SS V2 Stepped Headers and 200CEL cats and pulled 288whp on a different dynojet.

    I plan on doing a few dynos this coming August as well with and without the tune on a more reliable DynoJet location. Hopefully you get your tune soon and get some good gains!

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