Michelin Pilot Sport Cup – Review

So I finally got the all mighty Michelin Pilot Sport Cup (MPSC). These are the legendary tires that are on the E46 M3 CSL, Porsche GT2RS, GT3RS, Dodge Viper ACR, etc. etc. I was really excited to try these out for myself. My good buddy Lightwerkz ran these for a season and appeared to love them. My good buddy NYBeater ran these the season after and almost took a knife to them. Both did complain that they oversteer quickly, but its one thing to hear about an experience and to experience it first hand.

Today I had an event at NJMP Thunderbolt. A little history, I spun my car last summer, it took me a good 6 weeks to recover from that incident. Really scared me. Today, I spun 2 times.

Notice, I am not really jumping on the power on the rumble strip, but before it. This is the 3rd lap of the session. The rear end just comes out completely. Throughout the session, the car would just feel unstable. A lot of oversteering. The rear end just felt all over the place.

I spoke to my good buddy Nocabracing, who was at the track, how I could combat that. I increased rebound in the front, and set the rear to full soft. Have you, the front sway bars are medium up front, and full soft in the rear.

This was happening all day. Luckily, this was a “good looking example”

Ok, when you watch the video, notice how the rear end just comes out mid corner. The speed is around 60mph, which is not too hot, but the rear just comes out, no warning what so ever and they come out FAST. I don’t mash the throttle, nor am i taking an awful line. Nothing crazy on the track. Just awful tires.

Honestly, I am not going to say that the PSCups are the worst r-comp in the market, but I say that because they are designed to be used on certain types of suspensions and certain type of driving styles. I am running Motons, which is a race ready suspension. The PS Cups are not enough tire for a suspension of this magnitude. In addition, my alignment settings are -4.3/-3.8. Michelin themselves suggest no more than -3.0 camber. So thats my bad 😀 In addition, by the end of the day, I understood that these tires are NOT for aggressive drivers. You can’t just fling a car around and expect these tires to stick, they need to be finessed, almost closely monitored in turns. Every input is magnified exponentially with these tires. Honestly, it was an awesome experience just to feel what its like to drive on tires that break free that quickly and with 0 warning.

Verdict: Frankly, they are a sub-par street tire and a sub-par track day tire. I feel sorry for the guys that pay full price for these things. If they come with the car, they work w/the suspension, so maybe your results may vary, but with race suspensions that are added on to a car not from the factory, stick to true slicks (r6, r1, kuhmo v710, etc.)

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