So its been a while. I haven’t done much tracking, but have been accumulating parts to install.

First things first, I got tired of the OEM muffler. It is 56 lbs and very quiet. My car weighs 3073 lbs as it was. I decided that I wanted to put on an aftermarket lightweight muffler. I explored the Status Gruppe Tuning Muffler, but it was way too farty. I considered going back to the Bimmerworld Race Exhaust, which I quickly rejected. It is light, but it removes the catalytic converters, and I want to remain street legal. I decided that I was going to find a Supersprint Race Muffler. Yeah its going back to what I had, but before I had a Supersprint Resonated Section 2, which distorted the sound of the muffler in my opinion. It does make it scream, but it takes away from the muffler I believe. I think that a FULL (headers back set up, will sound outrageous), but mixing and matching, ends up disappointing.

Anyways, I found a seller and it worked out for the best. The piece is mint and the guy took really great care of it, you can tell! Picked it up last night and installed it this morning. Sounds great. Have a listen:

I think it sounds delicious.

Next – I was getting my rear sway bar installed and I noticed there was a lot of play in the upper control arms – not the lower adjustable control arms – but the ones that the spring sits on. I ordered the Turner Motorsports Spherical Bushings. Had my shop install them. So far so good. No additional NVH.

Motor Mounts – went back to the OEM motor mounts. I was running Vorshlag Nylon motor mounts. Made the car awful to drive around. I don’t think there is a real advantage with them.

Transmission Mounts – went with the Bimmerworld Polyurethane mounts. Was running Vorshlag, but wanted to change everything out.

Transmission and Diff Fluid – oem. wanted to freshen it up as it had been around 2 years.

Sway bar settings – put front and rear to full soft. Wanted to start here and move stiffer and stiffer, see how it went.

AFE Stage 2 Intake – I am in the market for a tune. I am thinking about the Epic Tune from Bimmerworld. A few dyno charts that I have seen show SS Stepped Headers, BW Race Exhaust, AFE Stage 2 Intake, and the Epic tune and you’re looking at 330whp (catless). If I run cats, I would like to be at 320whp. We will see. I got the AFE Stage 2 Intake off Amazon.com for $347 w/free shipping – better than $385 @ Bimmerworld. I was highly considering Evolve UK’s CSL CF Airbox, but you are paying $3k for 10hp. I think you can get that power w/the AFE intake. Also people complain about heat soak and a loss of power, I think there will be that in daily city driving, but on the highway or on the track where there is PLENTY of air, I don’t think that will be an issue

Sound of the intake – it is very hard to record this sound as I think you will need professional hardware. I also am running a new rear muffler new as well, so it was hard for me to determine if there was a change in sound

Overall, the motor mounts really made the car more appealing to drive. Its not overly loud nor is it overly too aggressive. I actually didn’t mind driving the car around today, first time I have felt that way in months.


3 thoughts on “Updates!

  1. Great stuff as always Preeth!

    Check out my dyno thread on M3Forum. There’s a member that goes by MattMan that has SS V2 Stepped Headers, SS S Pipe, SS X Pipe, SS Race Muffler, Dinan Intake, VSM Pullies, BW/Epic Tune…I believe he put down about 312whp SAE on a DynoJet.

    Check out my thread to see some good dynos 🙂

    With that said…I still want a CF Airbox, LOL

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