Steering Wheel Review + New Rear Sway Bar

So I drove my car around for the first time since installing the steering wheel today. In one word – awesome. The leather feels great and I am sure that it will wear better than the suede ever could. The deep dish nature of the steering wheel is also great, as the wheel is so much closer to me. I immediately noticed that steering was easier since my arms were not fully extended.

One annoying thing that I found was that when using the turn signal or windshield wiper stalk, I was extending my fingers to use them, but they were much farther away now. Thats not that big of a deal, but something I noticed.

Overall, I am very happy with this wheel. Can’t wait to use it on the track.


Next up is to address something I noticed on the track. Ever since I installed the GC Front Sway bar, I noticed that the car would push mid corner and at the exit. It wasn’t that bad, just wasn’t so great. What was to blame?

1) sway bar
2) too small of a rear sway bar
3) not running a rear spacer
4) tired tires

I have been borrowing my buddies Enkei 18×10 wheels, so I no longer needed a spacer. The car still was pushing in the same areas of a turn. Obviously I am not heating up the tires as much as I would on a track, but I am still noticing the car pushing. Since I eliminated 2 of the 4 possibilities, I decided to purchase the accompanying rear GC sway bar from Bimmerworld. Should arrive sometime this week and be on the car for next week.

Also getting a new alignment on Thursday. Looking to go -4.2 front / -3.2 rear 0 toe all around. I think that will help immensely.

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