Bye Bye Volks

I have had a thing for Volks since the early 2000s. I saw a Civic Type R with white Volks and fell in love. I had to get them for my M3. I started with CE28N which were amazing looking

volk ce28n

volk 2

I then sold the 19s to move to TE37 in a square 18×9.5 et35 set up. I wanted the ability to rotate my tires at the track.


It had been almost 3 years with these TE37 (August 2008) and they had served their purpose but I was ready for a new look and wanted to pocket some cash. Having 2k+ in one set of wheels is troublesome.

As of now, I am considering the Apex ARC-8 wheels in a 18×9.5 et22 square set up or the Enkei 18×10 et25 square set up. The Enkei’s are nice, but I want black wheels.

For now, I have my buddy’s Enkei NT03 wheels on there.





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