Never seen soap since 2009

Today was the first time in almost two years that I washed my car. Over the past two years I would take the car to the track, drive home, park it, and repeat. I never washed, polished, or waxed it. Sad really.

I had planned today for some time. I am not a meet or car show kinda guy but tomorrow there is a car show at Paul Miller BMW and I just had to attend.

I started by washing my car thoroughly. I then moved to a moderately aggressive polish to remove all the rubber and tire marks. I then repeated that with a less aggressive pad all over the car. This would really bring out the luster my friend said. I finished it up with a wax that a friend of mine used. Auto Glam High Definition wax. It worked wonders!



The car looks great. I then used a weird solution to make the wheels look brand new. A year or two ago there were these guys that sold this “car wash in a can” stuff. I never bought it but my buddy did. I used it on my wheels and oh my god. Gorgeous.


The car looks great. It is somewhat ominous looking outside so I don’t think I’ll have more pics. But wow I miss how clean this car cAn be.


Oh yeah. I also “de-sharked” my car. The shark comforti software from turnr turns off the rear o2 sensors. So I wouldn’t be able to pass emissions. Now that I’m 100% legal I will be able to!


One thought on “Never seen soap since 2009

  1. hey bro,

    it’s alex (flipm3 and ayospinoy87). car looks great after being pampered!! everyone is saying great things about that HD wax, im really considering picking up some for my car as well!

    any other future plans for the exhaust and/or tune?

    keep up the great posts!


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