First event of the season.

So this past Friday, May 13, I attended my first track event of the season. It had been a very long off season. The car went into a garage in November and didn’t come out till mid-March. The car lost a lot of weight – down to 3070, got a new exhaust system – oem, new roll bar, and a top of the line suspension system. It was going to be very “different” to drive this car. It was going to take some time.

I arrived to the track at 715am. In addition to being my first event of the season, I was going to instruct again. I had a sour taste in my mouth about instructing immediately after my first event instructing. This was a combination of being tired, driving way too many sessions, and being in a car w/out proper harnesses. After some reconsideration over the winter, I decided that I wanted to instruct more this season. In addition to seeing the track from a new perspective, I could also save a lot of money.

It was a very nice day. said that it was going to be around 70 degrees, which is awesome. What did suck was that I forgot my tire pressure gauge. What a rookie mistake.

I decided to keep a record of my tire temps and tire pressures this season. I would also take notes on my suspension settings. The first session came quickly. I wanted to run the car at full soft to see how the car felt. The first few laps were strange. The brakes felt a bit soft, but that stopped after a few laps – probably needed more heat in the pads. The car felt kind of sloppy. The rear end was all over the place. I blamed that on tires. The first session was uneventful. Took it really easy, but put down a few hard laps. I came into the paddock and measured my tire temperatures. The temps were not even. Very hot on the inside of the tire. I was told, not too smart, that I should have even temperatures across the tire.

I moved the rebound setting to 1 click from full soft, and kept the canisters at full soft, for the next session. All I can say is WOW. One click all around and I immediately felt a difference. The turn in increased and the car felt even flatter through the turns.

For the 3rd session I bumped it to 2 clicks from full soft, and kept the canisters at full soft. I liked this setting the most. I have an event on Monday May 23 at Lightning, so this time I am going to mess with the canisters to see if I can find a better setting for myself.

My best time was 1:18.860 at NJMP Lightning, and I managed to drop it to 1:17

Here is my previous best 1:18.860

Here is my newest best 1:17.761

I hope that I can get into the 1:16s or 1:15s next week. Its going to take some work, but I hope I can do it.

Upcoming modifications:

I finally sold my H&R sway bar and am upgrading to the Ground Control Hollow Front Sway Bar. This sway bar is hollow and very big. Supposedly the best bar on the market. I am going to AutoCouture to get the job done by my mechanic and personal friend Tommy. Also putting the OEM Euro Section 1 w/cats so I can pass NJ Inspection

I want to get a set of STACK gauges like my buddy Tonggi. I am considering buying this VAC Package – $350 for gauges and under-heater panel gauge holder. I am considering getting the job done at NE Motorsports.—e46-gauge-package-p2334.aspx

Thanks for reading.


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