I love warm weather…

Don’t you just love walking outside and you don’t need to wear a jacket! I appreciate this weather so much after the bullshit we went through earlier this year.

Anyways, I did a few things earlier and wanted to update the blog:

– replaced white zip ties on moton canisters with black ones
– zip tied excess slack on harnesses
– zip tied wire on driver side pillar and used velcro to keep it flush – looks great.

I attempted to mount the TrackMate, but it turns out its going to be more stubborn than I would like. I am going to put down a piece of gold reflective tape on the floor of the trunk where the side trays would be. I will then apply some velcro on the tape and on the back of the trackmate and then hold it down with a long zip tie. Should be mounted and tested tomorrow.

Ordered a pyrometer off Amazon so I can keep track of my tire temps. Will be here on Wednesday! Can’t wait for this track event on friday.


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