So I have been MIA since April 17, 2011. Since then A LOT has gone on. The last issue that was dealt with was the coolant leak. Once that was tied up, I finally got to drive the car. Drove around and it was a new beast. First of all it was very empty (one seat) and was VERY VERY loud – the Bimmerworld Race Exhaust. I could live with it, but it was going to be tough.

Fast forward a few days. I stumble upon an amazing deal. A set of Moton Club Sport coilovers for my m3. Guy wants $2300!!!!! Amazing. What came with the sale:
-4 dampers w/canisters
-650 lb springs (x2)
-750 lb springs (x2)
-street rear shock mounts




So pretty much I only had to purchase camber plates. I was considering the Ground Control Race Plates, but decided to go with the Vorshlag plates – have heard NOTHING but amazing things about the Vorshlag plates.

Interesting thing about Motons – apparently there are 2 different types of shafts. Here are pictures to help you identify your motons, if you ever need to!



I quickly sold my TC Kline kit and out of pocket, I paid – $1450 for the suspension upgrade. I probably could have paid less, but my TC Kline S/A was a bit old and was single adjustable instead of being double adjustable, thus did not command the same premium. The install was done at Tonggi’s. He banged it out quite easily. I was always curious how a Moton suspension installs. Well it is quite straight forward. Only routing the canister hoses is the tricky part, but not so bad if you know what you are doing.

The rear canisters were mounted inside the trunk and the front canisters were mounted in the engine bay. What was tough was trying to mount the canisters up front in a location that would not heat up the canisters too much. For that, I decided to purchase gold reflective tape that Bimmerworld sells:

Wrapped the canisters with this and after a long drive (1 hour) the canisters were SIGNIFICANTLY lower

gold tape

I know, I know, the white zip ties are ugly – they will be replaced tomorrow!

So once the suspension was all installed, I got to drive the car. Let me say one thing – STIFF. Ok, it is a race suspension and I have a gutted car with no sound deadening. I was expecting loud, but the Motons are really not that loud. What they are though is stiff tho. When I describe them to friends it sounds terrible, but there is not much suspension travel. The shock is SO stiff and short, that the handling is amazing. The car just handles so well. On any turn, I increase the speed at which I take familiar turns by 15mph, the car remains so flat there is very little body roll. I am truly astounded at how superior this suspension is to the Koni based TC Kline set up. I really am interested in testing this suspension out at NJMP Lightning’s 3-4-5 turn sequence as well as NJMP Thunderbolts start of the octopus in which my car would load up so hard on the driver side.

Overall, it is a FANTASTIC set up. I finally understand what people talk about when they say that Motons are so great. But here is the thing, these shocks are NOT TOO much for daily driving. Honestly, I think that this is the only set up you should get. For daily driving, I would just decrease the spring rates to in the 300-400lb range. Would make the ride much more comfortable. Also, I have a buddy who has this set up with full interior and its not annoying at all and he runs 500/600lb springs. Frankly, my next car and every car that is “performance oriented” that I will own from now on will only run on Motons. They are that good.

I got the installation done and had to drive home. A combination of rain, stiff suspension, and extremely loud exhaust made for an awful ride. I decided at that point that I was going to do what I wanted to do a few weeks before – move to an oem exhaust set up so I could actually drive the car on the street and not get a second look. The oem exhaust is so nice and quiet, I feared that it would actually be boring.

After sourcing an oem section 2 and a muffler in AMAZING SHAPE – both for $200 total, I sourced all new hardware from TischerBMW ( and put it on. My fear of being too boring went out the door immediately. Without any sound deadening or interior, the exhaust SCREAMS but still sounds extremely quiet. What I did notice with the car recently is how hard it pulls. That must be the weight. Speaking of, how much does she weigh?

More on that next time…


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