Alignment / Corner Balance

So weight. That was one of the main goals of this winter. I wanted to be under 3,000 lbs w/out me in the car. Once I gave the motons about a week to settle, I set up an appointment with NE Motorsports of Mahwah, NJ. This is a new shop in NJ. It was started by two guys who used to work at Motorwerks West. Their main goal of this shop is to prepare race cars, as well as perform maintenance. I believe they specialize in BMWs although they are known to prep other NASA race cars – I am assuming they work on Porsches as well. I usually Mr.M Car down in Brielle NJ, but decided to try a new shop out. Plus, I did not like the 1 hr drive, each way, to get to Mr.M’s shop. Although their work is phenomenal.

Regardless, I got to NE Motorsports at 8AM and I was on the alignment rack by 8:15am. Their shop is very very nice and the guys are very cool.

Here is a pic of the car on the rack:


I quickly found out that my car weighed in at 3070 lb.. Slightly disappointing, but I knew where the additional weight came from.

Bimmerworld Race Exhaust – 27 lb.
OEM Exhaust – 89 lb..

Right there is 62 lb. – So with the Bimmerworld exhaust I would be at 3008.

I added an OEM sized battery – which weighs in at 45 lbs. A csl sized / mini cooper battery weighs 34 lb.. So 11 lb. there. With a CSL battery I would be at 2997. Which would have achieved the goal.

Regardless, the car was aligned and corner balanced – was told that the heights were pretty good and even (Thanks Tonggi!) I went with a moderate alignment setting – (-3.5 F / -2.8R 0 toe). I drove my car with this setting on my TC Kline and the car handled quite nicely. I purchased a pyrometer and will start monitoring my tire temperatures so I can dial in the proper camber settings. And see if the camber set is not aggressive enough. Regardless on windy roads, car feels GREAT! It remains so flat throughout the turn, it just makes me reiterate how superior this suspension is and how excited I am to try the car out on the track.

Since I am an insane weirdo, I need to be under 3000 lbs. I purchased a Braille battery – it weighs 21 lbs. So thats a drop of 24 lbs from the batter in the car – I will be at 3046.

47 lbs left to get under 3000 lbs. I easily could just get an aftermarket exhaust and subtract that weight from the oem muffler’s 55lbs, but I think it would be too much of a headache to even drive w/that loud exhaust. The car as is, is pretty damn loud but I can deal with it. I don’t want to be in a position where the car just is terrible to drive on the street, as I do enjoy the casual street joy rides!

The car is almost finished. Here are the remaining loose ends that need to be tied:

1. install trackmate
2. fix up wire that goes up driver side A-pillar
3. 4 more collar stays for the roll bar so harnesses are not all over the place
4. black zip ties for moton canisters
5. install braille battery (probably will wait till mid summer so I can install it in extreme heat.
6. continue on my diet – down 10lbs!

Will take pics and have another update by tomorrow!


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