Leak free

So today me and my friend Lightwerkz attacked my leak. We removed the fan shroud, clutch fan, oil cooler, and removed the hose connection to the thermostat housing. I lost a load of coolant, which wasn’t a problem since I decided to add distilled water this time around – better for cooling.

Removing the thermostat housing and then the water pump showed that the gaskets that I reused were a bit beat. I also remember, hindsight is always 20/20, that I did not tighten the pipes going to the waterpump as tight as we did today. Also, there was a water pipe that connects the thermostat housing to the main water line – whos gaskets i removed (both).

Replacing all the gaskets, and tightening up the pump, housing, and pipes as much as I could lead to no leaks. Thank god! We kept the car running for about 8 minutes, and no leaks were evident. This is great. Tightened everything up and got out of the garage before the rain.

-a new suspension arrives monday 😀
-need to order sunvisor screws, 2 new bolts for the reinforcement plate under the motor, rivets for the fan shroud plastics
-need to order bimmerworld brake cooling hoses & install
-need to install passenger seat
-need to pick up pilot sport cups (trying and got a great deal from my buddy nybeater)


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