One seat one, clearcoat and the other seat remaining

I spent some time with my lovely car today.

I went in with an agenda – as I usually do:

– install roll bar split collars (keep harnesses in place)
– install driver side seat
– move anti-sub strap forward and bolt it “under” the VAC floor mounts
– install door panels
– install sunvisors

I got to the garage and looked over the car. Still can’t believe that the paint came out so well. It was partially dry as well, but there were some wet spots. I decided to start with the roll bar split collars. The bolts had collected some rust from the moisture in the garage, so a quick wire brush session removed all the rust. I put them on. The finish on the Kirk Roll bar showed its weakness. It got scratched up really easily. I managed to get them on, and hopefully won’t have to mess with them for a while.

Next up was the driver side seat. In my previous set up, I had the anti-sub strap belt (crotch belt) mounted to a VAC Anti-Sub Strap bar that was bolted to the rear most holes on the extended VAC floor mount. This made the anti-sub strap belt long, but it was maxed out, so it was kind of tight. I decided to move the bar to the middle of the floor pan. Ideally, you want the anchor points to be as far back as possible, but I have seen race cars with drilled in anchor points that were literally in the middle of the floor pan, so it has to be ok.

Lining up the floor mounts and the anti-sub bar took some time. Once I finally got it in, i decided to test fit where I wanted my seat. I moved the seat 2 holes forward from last time. I wanted to make sure my knee could extend fully – this is just for long drives – its nice to stretch your legs. The seating position was perfect.


After that, I cleaned up the driver side door panel with some Einszett Cleaner. I attached the Brushed aluminum arm rest and alcantara pad and on it went.

Some may ask – why are you gutting the car, but retaining the door panel? Well I honestly would like to remove the door panel, but there are no options that i actually like. The VAC door panel looks terrible. If there were a CSL replica Carbon Fiber option, I would get it. But other than OEM, everything looks terrible. Its also nice to have an arm rest on long drives 😀

I gutted the door panel – removed the tweeters and front speaker, so the panel itself is quite light. I love the way it looks. I can’t wait to drive this car!


I will be working on the car on Saturday or Sunday – to fix the coolant leak!


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