The finishing touches – so we thought

Today was supposed to be full of goodness

– add coolant/water mix
– replace power steering hoses
– remove sunroof
– install cf sunroof panel
– install kirk roll bar
– install seats

What was done was a bit different. I got to the garage at around 11:30am and added the 75%/25% distilled water/coolant mix. As I turned the car on, coolant started to drip out of the car. I initially believed that it was the “overfill release hose” not sure what its called, but removes excessive coolant from the system. It was dripping quite continuously. Prob lost 1/2 a cup of coolant. I removed the skidplate to see where it was coming from, and when the car was turned on, no fluid leaked. I bled the system and decided to tackle that issue later on.

Removing the sunroof was a quick ordeal. There were about 10x 10mm bolts around the sunroof. Remove those and down comes the sunroof. It was quite heavy – I would say a good 35-40lbs. Feels nice to remove those. My good friend Tonggi had done this mod to his car, so he had fabricated the braces and bolts that are required to support the cf sunroof panel. It was very easy to put on. We used a 5/16th bolt – round head – and cut it to fit. Then we used wood pieces as spacers to make the cf panel flush w/the roof. Overall It came out really well and flush!




While we went to Home Depot, I decided to buy a can of Rustoleum Painter’s Touch Ultra Cover in Gloss Dark Grey.

spray paint can

I had gone back and forth regarding wanting to paint the interior of the car and also the roll bar. I was going to leave the interior as is, but it was just so damn ugly. The glue marks were brown and the unpainted portions of the body that were once covered by sound deadening, were a pale yellow. It was too much. I decided to go with a rustoleum that worked on metal. I prayed for the best.

I tried paint in the trunk first. It was a VERY good match. VERY VERY VERY good.



So as the trunk was done, I decided to paint the ugliest portion of the car. I define this area as No Mans World. The glue on this area was so damn hard to remove, I grinded it down and just left a small layer. Once it was painted, it looked fine!

At this point, it was roll bar time. Installing the Kirk Roll bar is Tonggi’s speciality. Other than RTABs and coilover installs, this man banged out the roll bar install quite quickly. We undid the Kirk Roll Bar packaging and I was surprised at how nice the bar was. Apparently it was powdercoated gloss black. It looked great! There were some marks that happened because of shipping, but nothing that wouldn’t take place throughout the life of a track car. After seeing the bar, I decided to just keep it black.

After the bar was installed, I removed some of the sunroof wiring and was able to hide it behind the dash by removing 2 10mm bolts behind the front trim. That gave us enough space to stuff the wires behind. There were some other wires that need to be hidden. I will remove the glove box and stuff them behind there. The only wire that is left up top is the wire that leads to the rear view mirror. Removing this wire will make the remote locking/unlocking system inactive.


Tonggi cleaned this up on his car by velcroing the wires tightly to the side to keep them out of site. I also saw on his car that he retained the sun visors, which is great, since I was about to sell them! I need to figure out how to mount them up this Monday – when I will have a few hours to work on my car.

After all this was done, I vacuumed up the car and decided to paint the interior. I taped off what was necessary and went to work.







I am really excited and happy at how the paint came out and how the car looks! I will take more photos when the paint dries.

I also want to get to the bottom of whats going on w/the coolant leak. Hopefully its something silly and not too crazy!


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