More pictures

Went to the garage to add another coat of paint for the interior. Here are some more pics



Also painted the feet of the roll bar:


I believe that the coolant leak that I talked about last time might be coming from the crush gasket of the water pump. This stinks since I am going to have to redo that. I think it will be a bit easier since I will just disconnect the radiator hoses at the thermostat housing, remove the thermostat, the water pump, replace all the gaskets and refill with distilled water. Hopefully that will solve the issues!

These are the gaskets that I either botched or need to replace


We’ll find out soon!

One thought on “More pictures

  1. im a big fan of your blog! i go by the username of “flipm3” on M3Forums.

    your blog is VERY informative for both DIY, reviews, and parts i should look into maintaining and replacing.

    keep it up!

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