Got a few things today…and ordered some more.

I received a few items today to move me along my car build.
-radio delete
-blind plugs


I removed my radio in the M3 after removing the amp on the car. Instead of having an empty hole, I bought an OEM radio delete. This was $6. I ordered it in late December, but the roof at Tischer’s distribution center collapsed due to the snow and all orders were pushed back! Lucky I got this, as I can finally install my trim again and have the car look proper.

Blind plugs – when I was removing the sound deadening and glue right between the rear seat tub and the rear subframe, 2 of these blind plugs got destroyed. Ordered these to keep water and possible noise out. Makes no sense, but I feared that water would somehow get into the cabin, and I didn’t want to deal with that nonsense.

What I ordered today

– 6 NGK DCPR8EIX Spark Plugs – these cost $50 off Bimmerworld and the same or so off sparkplugs dot com. I found a boat / fishing shop in Florida that sells them for $5.85 each. For 6 of them including shipping I paid $38 dollars. Here’s a link –

One thought on “Got a few things today…and ordered some more.

  1. Hey Preeth,
    How are you doing? I can’t believed your finally stripping the car. It’s looking great man. Well my car still been the same since the last time we hanged out. Yea I been MIA for a while. Anyways I’m looking forward into signing up for tracks this summer. I need to catch up with some of you guys soon, it’s been a long time.

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