CF Sun Roof Panel

Every E46 M3 owners dream is to have a CSL. It was the stripped down version of the E46 M3 that was only available in Europe and Asia. Due to the US strict DOT regulations, it was not allowed in america due to crash testings and its emissions. One of the most attractive features of the CSL, that BMW adapted to the M6 and the current generation M3 was the Carbon Fiber roof panel. BMW usually offers a sunroof delete for most M models. A sunroof, although a creature comfort, adds weight to the worst part of a vehicle – the highest point – the roof. This takes away from acceleration, cornering, and overall driving experience. At the end of the day, this is a M3 not a regular 3 series!

For some of us, a non sunroof car was in the cards when purchasing a car. For most of us, we had no idea about vehicle dynamics and the options that were available for the US Spec M3, or even the CSL. Once you became an M3 owner and learned about the CSL, there were two must have mods from that car. The “duck-tail” bootlid and the Carbon Fiber roof. The CF roof requires the removal of the interior (got that done) but also requires the removal of the front and rear windshield. Haven’t got those done. I decided on a Carbon Fiber sunroof panel.

Theres a bloke in Arizona named Chad Nelson, owns and races a few PTG E46 M3’s, and builds these cf parts on the side. He also has a spectacular CF airbox, foot panel, and a rear parcel shelf all in carbon fiber. The part is relatively cheap – around $260 shipped.

A fellow on m3forum named Mikymu did this modification to his car

He claims to have lost around 30 lbs from the top of the car. This definitely should be felt in all forms of driving – street and track.

He went along and clear coated the panel. This is definitely something I might do, but it usually will cost some money, so I am considering skipping it or applying some by myself. The headliner is also something I am considering. I can get a non-sunroof headliner for $100 from a friend, but I think I might just get rid of it completely and have a true gutted car. Prob will do that!

On to the pictures!







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