Gutted – The Story

So today was the day of reckoning.

Last week, I helped my friend remove his roll bar and interior since he was trading it with another M3 owner. While removing the interior, my friend decided to remove the rear carpet and the rear panels and rear seats. When putting the Raven Roll Bar in (we share the same roll bar), I saw how “unsafe” the raven bar really actually happens to be. It literally floats almost 2 inches off the ground. After seeing this, I could not have this roll bar in my car. It is a harness bar thats not even designed correctly. Some would ask me, “did you not know this before?”. Well the carpet is almost like an illusion. You believe that the carpet is the floor. But once the carpet is removed, wow. you can see how unsafe the bar really is.

I decided to sell it to someone local who had been wanting the bar for a few months. While I removed the roll bar, I decided to go ahead with the interior removal. At the last track event, my buddy who has an e46 m3 that weighs around 3030lbs was just kicking my ass all over the place. His car would just pull SO hard on mine coming out of every turn. I was jealous. Sore. Whatever you want to call it. Removing weight is a free modification.

I decided to go ahead with the gutting. I removed the two front seats easily. The bar came out easy as well. The rear carpet was easy as pie. The front carpet was a bit tricky. Since the dash was not going to be removed we had to cut. While cutting, one of the wires for the front driver side window was cut and my front window only goes down! unless i connect the two wires by hand. Oh well, gotta get that fixed.

Removing the sound deadening was awesome. It was actually addicting. It was a quest to see who could take out the biggest piece of sound deadening without tearing up the piece. A heat gun and these special tools that my friend Tonggi had helped. Having two people do it also made everything go MUCH faster. Removing the gross yellow adhesive under the sound deadening also was simple. I bought a crap load of Goof Off from Amazon. People over on bimmerforums suggested it. It was helpful, but Xylene (Xylol) from Home Depot was simply superior! You need a respirator or else you would die being in that car. Soaking paper towels with xylene helped and created a clean working surface.

There were some areas (corners) and right in front of the rear subframe that were WAY difficult and I could not get to. I am considering primer on them to clean it up – but most likely it will just look uglier. I will just wait for the warmer weather to tackle these points.

Here are two iPhone pics


Overall I think I removed around 85-90 lbs from the car. My car weighed 3200 w/my seats and roll bar – this past April.

With the modifications of the
-bimmerworld race exhaust
-removal of the interior
-addition of the oem sized battery

I should be in the 3000s.

Next plans:

– Order Kirk no sunroof roll bar
– remove sunroof
– CF sunroof panel
– some ZCP wheels for the street
– hoosier 275/35/18 for the volks 😀

Considering the Kirk Roll bar accomodates 4 wheels to be stuffed in the back, I am considering getting a set of hoosiers to put on my Volks and a set of zcp wheels for the street (loved my car on ZCPs).

This would be awesome since I could have rain tires and slicks. Hmm!


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