Decided to gut the interior of my car – except the roof liner and the front door panels.

I think I am going to remove my sunroof glass and put in a carbon fiber sunroof panel. Can’t wait! Also have to pick up a non-sunroof headliner!

door panel

While removing the CF trim, I removed the door panels and decided to remove as much of the sound deadening as I could. A lot of glue on there and unnecessary foam.

Also decided to sell the Raven Roll Bar and go with a Kirk Roll Bar. Going to order one from next week. Should arrive in 4-5 weeks. I am debating going with a weld in bar, but think I will just go with a bolt in bar. Now to think of what color to go with! Hmm!

The reason for removing the Raven roll bar will be revealed next weekend – its a safety reason. A really big safety reason.


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