Soft as butter, quiet as a mouse in a barn, back in good graces!

So yesterday was a long and arduous day. It started early and ended in the evening. It had been 2 months since I had driven my M3 for more than 20 minutes and farther than my apartment buildings parking lot. I tried to move the car as often as I could in order to keep the tires from flat spotting and every time I got into the car, I had a headache. Primarily, the main issue was the atrocious vibrating. The entire car would SHAKE when I revved it or while I was driving. It got so bad that my side grills almost fell off while driving home from the track.

I had been waiting for October 30th for 2 months. I had to skip on an Oct 14-15 event at NJMP w/Schattenbaum PCA because I could not get my car fixed in time. So as time went by, I began amassing parts that I wanted to replace while I had Tonggi and Syd at “Pro’s and Joe’s International Tuning” install the clutch and flywheel. First it was to decide what the issue actually happened to be. The initial prognosis was that it was a warped flywheel. The next issue to address, was whether we were going to replace an aftermarket set up, which i already had (spec stage 1 clutch + JB Racing LTW flywheel) with another aftermarket set up or would I go OEM. I decided to go OEM. I was flabbergasted when I realized that an OEM flywheel costs $700 new! I decided to hunt on the forums. As you read previously I found a used clutch + flywheel OEM set w/30k miles on it for $150. It was a steal. I decided to use that flywheel with a brand new OEM clutch. While they worked on the transmission I decided to replace the guibo (flex disc – part # 26112226527) and the steering coupler. I also had them take my OEM E9x motor mounts out and put in the Vorshlag Nylon Motor Mounts. I decided to go back to the Nylon motor mounts because I would not have to deal with the TREMENDOUS noise that the nylon motor mounts paired with the lightweight flywheel created.

So total here is what they replaced
– removed Spec Stage 1 Clutch + JB Racing Lightweight Flywheel
– installed OEM E46 M3 Sachs Clutch + OEM Flywheel
– replaced guibo part # 26112226527
– installed Vorshlag Nylon Motor Mounts

So what was the problem? Well we were right. The extreme vibration was caused by hot spots / burn marks / skidmarks on the lightweight flywheel. THis is quite puzzling. People that know me know that i don’t perform burn outs, smoke shows, i never have dumped the clutch (i don’t even know how to do that), i don’t power shift, i don’t drive like a complete asshat. I have been told that my shifts are smooth and on the track I rev match pretty well. I was just curious as to HOW this happened. It may have been that I was working the clutch so hard and there was some intense heat in that area and I might of screwed up just once or twice and that ruined this beautiful piece of CNC beauty. I plan on contacting JB Racing and see what they think. To my defense, this is a race application flywheel and I am sure that race cars don’t keep the original flywheel on their car for more than a few races. I have had this on my car for almost 15k miles! That seems like a ridiculously short life span, but perhaps it may be. I learned that the OEM flywheel is twin disc, so even if there is a burn, the fact that there are two discs, and both have some play, there won’t be as hard of a vibration if anything were to happen again
I got to their shop at 9 am. Syd and Tonggi had the transmission out in 1 hour and 30 minutes. Before taking everything apart, Syd took a look at the OEM flywheel and remarked at how nice it looked. He sanded it down to get rid of the slight imperfections and began the installation. Unfortunately he was met with 8 problems. These problems were the OEM flywheel requires longer bolts compared to the JB Racing FLywheel. When Mr.M Car put on the JB Flywheel, he did not return the OEM bolts to me. Syd had his buddy at a local dealership bring them over. It was $20 for 8 bolts. We had to wait for some time for his buddy to get off work to bring them over. Once they got in, it was smooth sailing. The team got the flywheel in, the clutch took some finagling since the plastic clutch alignment tool included with the kit was plastic and had too much play in it. I wish I had a metal alignment tool. Would of helped tremendously. The tranny went up, the guibo was replaced, and the exhaust set up was put back up. The next thing that was done was the steering coupler and the nylon motor mounts.

The car was finished by 8:30pm. It took 4 hrs to get everything done. Would of taken far less time – prob 1.5 hr less – if I had a metal clutch alignment tool and a spring hub bmw reset tool. Overall, I am very very happy with the professionalism and courtesy offered by this mechanic duo. I would highly recommend them. Tonggi can be PMed on for almost EVERY single type of service work. If he can’t do it, he definitely has someone that can do it for you ASAP!


I am very happy I went back to the OEM Clutch and Flywheel. From the time that I got the flywheel and clutch I had not been too happy with the extra noise, vibration and harshness. Then I added the Nylon motor mounts and it sounded like there was a chain saw in my car whenever I was driving. With the replacement of the aftermarket clutch and flywheel the car feels great again. The clutch is soft and smooth as butter. With the addition of the clutch stop half an inch before engagement, the shifts are WONDERFUL and feel fantastic. The addition of the guibo – i am not sure what symptoms would be, but mine was pretty beat up as you can see in the videos below. The addition of the steering coupler also made the steering feel different. Almost “light” and “easier” to steer the car. The car feels fantastic. For that, I plan on driving the car all week and will end the track season on Saturday at Thunderbolt w/Schattenbaum PCA and I think I will be instructing for the first time!

Here are some pictures and videos that I took of the day:

Exhaust off the car:


Car on Stands:


Driveshaft disconnected:


Spec Stage 1 Clutch:


Scorched Flywheel



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