Its been a long long time baby.

Hey guys

Been a while since I have made a thread. Since then I have autox’ed my 911 and my 335. Loved both of them. While all that has been going on, my M3 has been sitting in the garage slowly getting dustier and dustier.

The battery is completely shot – so I am planning on replacing the “mini”-CSL style battery with an OEM sized replacement. I think the traqmate and the Go Pro Charger is draining the battery. I plan on replacing the battery sometime this month.

A few weeks of research has made me pinpoint my constant vibration to a warped flywheel or a busted clutch. Not sure why this would happen, but perhaps it was the heat generated by the clutch and the material the flywheels made out of. It also may be the clutch since the car becomes harder to put into gear. In any case I have opted out of continuing going with aftermarket drivetrain parts, even if they are “superior” or “stronger” than oem. I understand that a lightweight flywheel allows my rpms to build quicker and make everything peppier, but I honestly did not feel that much of a difference.

When I put on my lightweight flywheel, I had just destroyed my clutch because I was a rookie and was not rev matching properly, or even rev matching at all. But since then I have learned the art of heel toeing and practice it on a daily basis – since my dd is a 6sp manual. In addition to a destroyed clutch, my 3rd gear synchro was completely shot. So the combination of my rookie “feeling” and a new flywheel and clutch, I don’t really remember if there was that big of a difference.

So what have i done.

In efforts of this repair I sourced a used OEM flywheel with 70k miles on it. Its in good shape and should be good to go.

I sourced a brand new SACHs clutch kit from Turner Motorsport – comes with pressure plate, clutch disk, throw out bearing, and a clutch alignment tool. Its always nice to touch clean car parts. Never again will they be this clean!




Thanks to GTFour in Canada for this wonderful deal, Doug from Turner, Tonggi and Sydney from TiTs Tuning – who will be putting this together.

Will report back with results.

In the meantime, here’s a video of me ripping the 335 at an auto-x.


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