Auto-X’ing on 9 year old brake fluid and all season tires with armor-all on them? Sure, why not!

I haven’t autocrossed since July 25, 2009. I remember the exact date because I went to JFK to pick up my girlfriend and I was dying in the heat of Englishtown, NJ. Ever since I started tracking the M3, I kind of dislike driving for 5 minutes total and standing in the sun for 1.5-2hrs. There seemed to be a discrepancy in the fun to work ratio. I was against it and my buddy C told me that a few of our friends were going to Auto-X Saturday September 11 at the New Meadowlands Parking Lot E.

Since my M3 was out of commission, I decided to bring my 911. It is a 2001 911. Its automatic and has all season tires. What made it worse was that I have never flushed the brake fluid since 2001. The car actually only has 20k miles on it – original owner miles (me). I was in for a ride! I decided to wash the car for the first time in 6 months yesterday and for some reason I decided to go to my normal car wash place and the bastards applied Armor-All onto my tires. That made for an interesting first run!

I went to the Auto-X in the morning and was placed in Super Stock class. I found out that I was the only one in the group! Automatic trophy! Either way, I wanted to run quicker than some other prepped cars. There is nothing like taking a less prepped car and driving better than a prepped car.

The first heat was funny. The armor all really felt like I was driving on coolant. The car slid at every breaking point. It added up to good fun! I really enjoyed driving the 911. It was lighter than the M3, and the rear end kept coming out, which was corrected with throttle application (learned that playing Forza!!!!). The car really is a beast. I was so surprised that a 11 year old car, with an automatic transmission and all season tires was so responsive. I guess there really is no substitute.

The 2nd heat was awful. I went off course and blew that session.

The 3rd heat was fun. My goal was to get under 80 seconds as the best in my heat was in the 75 second range. Unfortunately this run ended in 84 seconds.

The 4th heat was my best. I got the car to run an 82 second. I was aiming for 79 for my fifth and final session.

Unfortunately I was unable to get into the 79s, but my 5th session was insane. My car was sliding ALL over the place. It was a great time and I was actually smiling inside the car driving. I was having a great time at an autocross. That is a rare sight!

Anywho, I’ve decided I am going to be autocrossing from now on in the 911. It is a well balanced car and I like the class that I run in – hopefully next time there will be others so I can compete! I think I am going to upgrade my tires to hoosiers – since there is no class upgrade for that and considering a GT3 rear wing and maybe some GT3 seats. I also should flush the brake fluid and put in new brake pads. Oh yeah, might do a muffler delete as well!

Here is the video of the 4th heat


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