Personal Best at NJMP Thunderbolt

I have always had braking issues on the track. I have never been able to not overbrake on turns. Something about going 80-90mph and having a turn coming up and a wall ahead of me, always made me brake more than I had to. I guess the problem was being comfortable with speed.

I recently came back from Germany where I drove on the infamous autobahns and the fearsome Nurburgring. This taught me a lot – about cars, about efficient highway driving, and how capable these cars from Bavaria really can be.

Anyways, a few days after coming back I had a track event at NJMP. Before that, I had my motor mounts changed to OEM, a coolant flush, and also put in Turner Motorsport Solid Rear Trailing Arm Bushings. These really made the car phenomenal on turns. The rear end feels SO stable. The RTABs main job is to limit the movement in toe settings when the tire makes contact with the road. The softer the rtab, the more movement in the toe. I was fearful that the solid rtabs would make EXCESSIVE noise. But there was none of that.

My best lap time at Thunderbolt this year was a 1:37.4 last month. I started the year off with a 1:40. My best lap time this season was acheived on Sunday – where i ran a 1:35.830.

Here is my video.


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