Corded NT-01 leads to Toyo R888

During a session between the last track event at NJMP we noticed that my driver side rear tire was showing some cords. This was expected as I had 11 track days on them. That is about 45 sessions on them, which is and around 20 more heat cycles (driving to and from the track). So 60 heat cycles and $800 what I paid for them – that is $13 each heat cycle. Good enough for me.

I was on the hunt for new tires. I was going to just order another set of Nitto NT01, but unfortunately they are backordered EVERYWHERE in my sizes 275/35/18. I was considering going with Michelin Pilot Sport Cups, but the price was so high – a set of 265/35/18 ran $1300. I also was considering a roof rack and getting myself a set of Hoosier R6 and get some 18s and street tires for the rain. That plan is still on the back burner.

I love the idea that I can just drive to the track on r comps, rip it up, and drive home on the same tires.

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