Go Pro HD Testing

Sold the Chase Cam and opted for a Go Pro HD. I used the Go Pro for the first year of my tracking career. It was a nice choice, but there were some drawbacks.

-battery life was awful
-quality was ok, but Chase Cam’s is worse
-would shut off sometimes randomly
-would only support 1-2 sessions on a memory card

A friend of mine, http://nocabracing.wordpress.com, was using the Go Pro HD set up at Summit Point a few weekends ago. I was just amazed at how crisp the quality of his videos were. At $230 shipped from Amazon.com, the Go Pro HD is a STEAL.

It took me a while, but I listed up the Chase Cam, and it eventually sold. Now you may be asking “Is there an HD option for the Chase Cam?” Unfortunately the PDR1000 processor that the Chase Cam hooks up to, is incapable of processing HD video. So, no.

The Go Pro is quite simple to mount. I purchased a 16GB memory card which should be good for almost a full days worth of sessions at super quality. There are 5 qualities to chose from: r1,r2,r3,r4,r5. R1 is when a smaller file size is desired – its regular video quality (standard definition – what the Chase Cam would record at). R2 is wide angle but shoots in 720p (1280×720) @ 30frames per second. R3 is similar to r2 but at 60 frames per second – people complain this doesn’t look real. R4 is TALL HD – 960p. R5 is 1080p mode – the best quality you can get, but not as wide as r2 and r3. My friend said he uses r2 at the track, which seems good, but I love how R5 looks – but it takes up MUCH more space than r2. Probably doesn’t kill the battery as much as well. I plan on rotating the levels at the track!

Here are two videos that I made today



The vibration is an issue I am not sure where it is coming from. I have nylon motor mounts and a lightweight flywheel. My car also has no rear seats and some sound deadening removed. It makes noises and vibrates. At the same time, my friend has a completely gutted car, but is on stock motor mounts and 400lb springs – but uses the Go Pro HD roll cage mount. I am thinking about ordering one and seeing how it changes – its only $29.95 from amazon!

Thanks for reading!


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