Locked out of the garage but still got rid of the…cats?

Sounds like a terrible title for an ABC comedy show, but its what really happened today.

Went over to the garage this morning around 8:30AM. I was motivated to get a few things done. As I stated yesterday on the blog, I was considering removing the catalytic converters – which reside right after the headers on my section 1. In addition to the cats, my agenda was:

1) as stated remove the catalytic converters
2) revert back to the OEM Business CD Radio
3) Shark Software
4) make some videos of the exhaust

Me and my buddy Lightwerkz, got to the garage at 8:30am and got to work. He was replacing a leaky shock, a cracked rotor on his Stoptech ST40 setup, and replacing his Chase Cam with a Go Pro HD – something I hope to do once my chase cam sells. There is nothing like watching your runs in 1080p

homer drool

Anyways, we got my car up in the air as high as we could with our brand new Harbor Freight 2 ton aluminum jack. This thing is wonderful to use, coming from 2 busted craftsman jacks. I actually was quite fast, compared to my normal snail like pace. I got the 6 13mm bolts connecting my section 1 and section 2 off quickly. The section 1 to the headers was also quick, but removing it required me to loosen up the section 2 braces so I could slide off the section 1 quicker. What was snagging in the way were the 2 o2 (oxygen) sensors. After dropping a wrench on my face and having the section 1 drop on Lightwerkz face, we got it off. Putting the oem section 1 on was a snap.

What was left was disconnecting the o2 sensors and zip-tying them away. They are still connected under the valve cover, but they are disconnected under the car and ziptied away near the transmission behind a heatshield.

Turning the car on was a great joy. Finally the car was loud, boisterous, and had that Superspritn Race SCREAM that I always had admired from my friends

So after that was done, we managed to lock ourselves out of the garage, but still got rid of the cats — the cat converters.

Once we got the car down and installed the Turner Shark Software – to turn off the rear O2 sensors and EGT sensor, I then removed my Alpine aftermarket radio, and put the OEM one back on. I miss having XM Radio and listening to it while driving to track events, so can’t wait to get that installed as well as the Dice iPod unit next week at some point!

I want to thank Lightwerkz for his help today. Sorry bout the section 1 dropping on ur head! Anyways, I love how the car is turning out!


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