Forza Italiano

A few weeks ago I made a post regarding a Supersprint Race Muffler that I acquired. I was considering putting it on the car and then having it fixed, but then I had a change of heart and decided to keep the Dixis. In the meantime, I was planning on having the Supersprint Race fixed and then sell it.

I was looking around for places to fix the muffler and recalled my good buddy Lightwerkz, having his 3 inch custom straight pipe exhaust set up done by a group of fellows in Linden, NJ with a shop called “Maximum PSI”. I spoke to Mike, one of the main guys, and he told me to bring the muffler in and he would fix it. He told me to bring the car so it would be easier to fix while it was on.

I picked up a new set of rubber exhaust hangers on M3F and some new hardware and went to Maximum PSI. Mike had my Dixis off shortly and measured the Supersprint Race.

There were some problems with the SS Race.

The first major problem was one of the exhaust hangars was bent



The previous owner indicated that the exhaust would mount up, but I feared that having a hangar so bent would put MORE THAN ENOUGH stress on the rubber exhaust mounts and that eventually it would tear the rubber mounts. Mike had that issue quickly resolved.

The second issue that I saw was a wrinkle in the sleeve that connects the muffler to the midpipe.


Once again, Mike had this completed very quickly.

The last problem was a small problem, but an eye sore for sure. Here is what the tips look like



A problem that Mike discovered was a crack that had developed on one of the cans and the rod that connected the two major cans. He quickly welded that and it should not have any issues.

For such an expensive piece of stainless steel, there definitely were many weak points. There has been an issue with a rattle in between the 4 individual pipes. The previous owner had those reinforced and they have not shown any wear since, so those have been pretty solid.


I think that the previous owners beat up this exhaust and it was shipped in piss poor form. Which is sad since it is such a bad ass muffler. The piece is back in mint condition, so that is all that matters. All the bends and dents have been removed and fixed. The muffler finally mounts up straight and sounds great.

The only sad thing is that my clutch and flywheel are so loud that I can barely hear the exhaust. A funny thing, whether its my imagination or not, but my car seems to pull harder in every gear. Maybe because I am stomping on the gas in order to “hear” what I just spent a thousand bucks on, or maybe the flow is better. I can kind of believe that the flow is better as they do build this exhaust system ground up, so therefore its a possibility.

I will be taking better pics and definitely will post a few sound clips inside and outside the car.

For now, this is what my set up should sound like:

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