Futuristic twist

I have been an Alpinestar guy since I first saw The Stig wear them in the first Top Gear video I’ve ever seen. The Alpine Tech 1-ZX gloves that I have had since 2008 are beginning to show signs of wear – specifically in the grippy part of the palm and fingers.


Lord Stig


A friend of mine had used Sparco Tide gloves and I tried them on and they felt very comfortable. I enjoyed the feel so much I decided to look into some Sparco gloves. I went on SafeRacer.com and saw a few gloves that I liked. I really wanted to go with White Gloves, as I just prefer to have white gloves – apparently they also are visible if I ever have to let anyone pass me or when I pit in on the track.

I immediately became enamored with the Sparco Arrow Racing Gloves in white. They had a chrome streak on them and they looked very nice. They also had a nice grip pattern on the fingers which also was a nice touch. I ordered them and they came in today.



First impressions – they are really light. They feel quite comfortable as well. The Alpine Stars are very comfortable, but are not as breathable it seems in warmer weather. I remember when removing the Alpine Stars, it took some effort because they would “stick” to your bare skin. These seem to be made of a more breathable Nomex material which in turn makes them very light.

The Sparco Tide gloves have these mini almost suction cups on the grip – which are labeled Volcanoes. The Sparco Arrows don’t have the volcanos but have Sparco HTX system – which is a fire resistant resin that also acts as grip. Apparently the Volcanoes on the Tide glove is a 3-D form of this HTX resin.

Here is an image of the “Volcano” 3D HTX on the Sparco Tide:


Here is an image I took of the HTX Resin on my Sparco Arrows:


I am happy with this purchase and can’t wait to try these gloves out this weekend @ Summit Point Main w/PCA Schattenbaum!

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