NJMP Lightning April 17-18, 2010

Spring Fling at Lightning was what they called it. It was a two day weekend track event with NASA PDA North East. It also was a race weekend and a time trial weekend, so we all got shafted by those events.

Normally, one would expect 4-5 sessions a day. With PDA, we got 3 a day. It appeared we were in for it this weekend.

I arrived in Milville, NJ on a beautiful 80 degree sunny Friday afternoon with a friend. The weather was great, the windows were down, sunglasses on, and thats when it started raining. It didn’t stop all night.

We woke up to low 40 degree weather on Saturday morning. This was not going to be a good event, I could sense it. We were rolling 12 people deep for this event. Most of us in the same run groups, so it appeared like we were going to have a great time! Our first session was at 8:20AM. Unfortunately I was late and only got 3 laps in. Our second session was black flagged because a Corvette that was participating in time trials crashed on the main straight and was totaled. The third session was a full session, but practically was my first session of the day. What REALLY made the third session so crappy was the 6 hrs between session 2 and session 3. Session 2 was at 1030AM and session 3 was at 4:45PM. That is a 6 hr and 15minute delay. After paying $333 I was furious that this was happening to us. What made it the worst was the blistering wind. It was mid April and the weather was 50 degrees. Terrible.

The second day was no better. I ran the first two sessions and left for home – I did not want to wait 6 hrs again for the third session.

My driving was despicable. I was actually embarrassed to even tell people that I drive on a track. I can’t really pinpoint it, but I was slow and was not driving on a track. It seemed like I was cruising.

A few things I noticed
-my hands were not moving as much as I normally do on the steering wheel
-I was overbraking (a problem I have had since I first started)
-I was almost “afraid” of trusting the car – big problem
-Mentally not focused – was not thinking about anything specific, but was just not focusing on driving.

On a positive note, I recently lowered the rear of my car, that really helped the car feel more settled under braking as well as on turns.

I look forward to the next track event – May 15-16 @ Summit Point Main w/Schattenbaum PCA

Here are some pictures that our photographer Kristina took as well as some shots from Tracktimephotos.com








We tried going out on the track like this — they didn’t want the Nurburgring Training Vehicle to have any fun 😦



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