I despise allen head screws

I attempted to install my steering wheel yesterday and ran into a problem.

I removed all 6 of the allen head screws that held the Momo Alcantara wheel of mine onto the hub. As I was removing the last screw, i accidentally rounded it a bit. Only halfway. I thought, phew, atleast its off.

I somehow manage to connect the horn to work. I attempt to put the steering wheel on and I find out the screws are TOO long. They measured to be 18mm. I needed probably 12mm screws or even 10mm screws. The type of screw is M5. Anyhow, as I remove that half rounded screw (why did I even try to put it on again), it completely rounded and my OMP steering wheel was hanging onto the Momo hub with one rounded unremovable screw. After unsucessfully trying to remove that screw I gave up. Ordered a Smith and Wesson screw extractor from Amazon, I had Lightwerkz’ crew remove the screw today.

Unfortunately my efforts created some scratches, which is sad, but fine.


On my way home, I stopped in to Stable Energies to see how the crew was doing. If you are in the Tri-State area and haven’t been to Stable Energies, you have to stop in! They have the best customer service and sell all sorts of race parts from quick release steering wheel hubs, to Piloti Shoes, to Recaro Seats, to Fire extinguishers, and are official HANs distributors and installers. Definitely check them out. I posted a link to their website on the right.

Anyways, I have always eyed their quick release system. It seems functional and looks like a well built piece. There are a few others on the market, NRG and RE, but I went with a quick release system that Stable sells. I went with this one purely because of Stable’s reputation in selling fine pieces and their knowledge of the market.

Here are some pictures of the piece:


As you can see there is a dimple which indicates 12 o clock (top position)



This is the piece separated. You can see that there are prongs on the piece that mounts to the hub (no handles) so that it can clip into the piece with the handle (which mounts to the steering wheel). The prong/clip creates a nice connection so you can not mount your steering wheel crooked.

Better angle:


I also picked up some recessed Phillips (+) screws that are M5x10mm for the steering wheel into the quick release and some for the pronged piece to the momo hub.

I need to pick up some spray paint from Home Depot tonight to spray the tops of them down so they don’t pop so much.

Thanks for looking!

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