The freshest pizza box in all the lands…

I received my OMP steering wheel today and couldn’t chuckle when I saw the box that it came in. Those that know me know how much I love pizza. I guess this pizza is one of the finest in all the lands.

When I opened the box, I was surprised. The steering wheel was slightly thicker than the momo, but nothing major. I still believe that the OEM M3 steering wheel is the thickest wheel you can go with. Unfortunately it has a wider diameter which does not affect steering ratio, but a smaller steering wheel somehow makes my inputs feel faster.

Anyways, I love the size of the steering wheel and the flat bottom – my momo was 350mm and this little guy is 320mm. Those 30mm (3 cm – 1.2in). I absolutely adore the yellow stripe at the top. I have always wanted one, but never could find a steering wheel that I liked that had the stripe.

What I found interesting was the horn button. OMP gives you the option of keeping the horn button either black or you can place a OMP sticker on it. I would like to find a BMW sticker to put on there.

Anyways, on to some pictures.

Yum Yum



I love new items..



The width of the steering wheel where I grip


My classic Chapstick lip balm vs. steering wheel picture





He likes what he tastes….alcantara….. yummmm


3 thoughts on “The freshest pizza box in all the lands…

  1. Hey man, just wanted to say I’m enjoying your blog. I’m an STi driver but I found the info on here interesting and entertaining. Thanks to your high quality pics I’ll be purchasing the Suzuka Pro GT (or non GT) for my 08 😉

    Gonna go down to VAC and test my butt in the GT and non-GT to see which works best. Bolsters are non-existent on my car currently and I slosh all over the place during aggressive driving. Starting up some track days this season and definitely will need a snug seat!

    • Thanks for the support bro!

      Yes the Suzuka are great seats. I went from PP to them and they are miles ahead in terms of comfort, functionality (they are HANS compativle), and quality. Enjoy them

      VAC actually is a great place and I got all my hardware from them, but unfortunately, they don’t usually carry these seats in stock. I would suggest HMS up near Boston. They have a nice showroom and seem to stock these seats on the regular.

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