NJMP Review

So after only completing one of my possible two first track days, it definitely is great to get back on the track.

I will go session by session.

First Session:

Awesome feeling to get back on the track. After studying video after video and traqmate data after traqmate data, I was finding myself taking turns at the speed I wanted to take them at. Unfortunately two things happened. My line was OK, but not great. I was taking turns at the right speed, but the car didn’t feel as settled. Gotta get back there, April 17-18, and go over my lines at the right speeds and see if they work out. I was Meatball flagged because one of my plastic panels on the underbody was loose. Spent the remaining part of the session jacking the car up and taking off the panel and tossing it (one tab was cracked, wouldn’t go on tightly).

Second Session:

This was a good session. After having a teasing first session, I continued the pace in the second session and was really ripping hard. Unfortunately on the third or fourth lap, I spun on turn 2. My traqmate and chase cam were being huge pussies so I have no data or video. All i have is this wonderful memory. What I can recall: I approached 135 mph indicated on the main straight. Downshifted 5-4-3 on turn 1. Took that turn in the mid 70s. Then accelerated and was around 85-88 mph going into turn 2. Was going too hot so late apexed it, and pinched the turn. Car turned in, but the rear end started to slide out. The car spun clockwise and I was looking at oncoming traffic (if there were any) and continued to spin around. Then the car started to steer counter clockwise and continued to spin and I ended up slightly on the grass. I was so shaken. The car stalled and I was so nervous. I could barely disengage the clutch. This was my first spin in motorsports (applause). I pitted in and decided to not go out as I needed to settle down.

Third Session + Fourth Session

These were two good sessions. Unfortunately a lot of traffic so not much free track time.

All in all it was a nice event and location to brush the rust off and have my first spin (a lot of run off)

Can’t wait for the next event!


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