A little teaser

I had a BMW Lightweight flag on my car at the end of the 2008 Track season. it looked alright, irrespective that it was on crooked. I removed it after my tranny blew since I wanted to remove all signs of track usage – stickers usually are a dead give away.

After having it off for a while, I considered getting another flag decal set – this time front and rear. Since I have a yellow theme going on, I was going to go with a Yellow flag. Also was considering painting the mirrors gloss black and the rear diffuser in flat black.

I received the vinyl flag in the mail today. At first, the yellow looks a bit pale, but after looking at the “spare material” (2nd image) it looks to be pretty bad ass.

I will cut a bit off and put it on the car and see how close of a match it is.


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