I should be beaten with a wet hose

For those of you that met me last season after August, you might of heard me coming from a mile away.  Not because my car was super loud, well sort of, but mostly because my car was more annoying than myself in 9th grade.  When people asked me what the problem was, I would point to the PFC-01 brake pads in the rear.  The noise only started after those were installed.  It got to the point where it made no sense.  Sure there can be noise upon application, but the noise remained even when I would cruise on the highway at 60mph.  It would disappear after 65mph.

So after I removed the rear stock calipers, I was considering selling the pfc 01 brake pads for the rear stock calipers.  Unfortunately, I don’t think thats possible.  The brake pads probably wore down 85% in less than 6 track days.  I was flabbergasted.

I didn’t remove them from the calipers and just put them in a box.  I removed the brake pads from the caliper tonight and was amazed and knew why my car sounded terrible

It looks like the guide bent and grinded against the rotor, which created the noise. The pad also is chipped in the corner where the bend is. All in all, I am glad these pads are off, but sad I can’t sell the pads. It was pretty unsafe driving this way, but atleast they are off. With the stoptechs I will be more likely to check my pads since the pad removal and install is so simple.

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