Track ready, finally.

So we tackled the remaining items on my to do list

– oil change
– brake fluid flush w/castrol srf
– oem diff fluid
– motul 75w/140 transmission fluid
– stoptech rear big brake kit
– pfc rear brake pads

We got the car jacked up in the air and started the process. Initially we considered removing the bolt that holds the shock, but went around it.

Tackled the 2 16mm bolts that hold the caliper on the rotor. Removed the spacer. And then ran into a wall. The two allen bolts that hold the passenger rotor onto the hub were rounded. Had to drill them to get them out. Eventually we did. Used one bolt from the driver rear rotor to hold the passenger rear rotor in place. I will be ordering 2 new rotor bolts to complete the set. One bolt should be fine to hold the rotor in place.

Once the oe set up is removed. We used Tonggi’s saw to remove the backing plate. Once that was removed, it was smooth sailing. Attach the new carriers using the OE bolts. Tighten those up. Slide the rotor onto the hub. Tighten the size 6 hex nut on each side – we used one per side. We placed the PFC01 brake pads within the calipers before attaching them to the rotor, which was quite simple. Slide the caliper on the studs extending from the carriers and tighten the 13mm bolts that were supplied w/the bbk.

Once those are on, we attach the brake lines. Once done, flush out the brake fluid. I used Castrol SRF this time and can’t wait to see the results.

The diff fluid is pretty straight forward. Drain it and refill it. The bottle that the fluid comes in makes it easy to refill the diff.

The transmission fluid was so messy. God. There are 2x 17mm bolts – one at the bottom and one on the side. The one on the side was starting to get rounded, which sucks, but i will buy a new drain plug to replace it.

This Motul 75w/140 tranny fluid is very thick and “gloppy”. Using a transfer pump purchased at Autozone, was messy since the pressure placed on the fluid kept making the hoses pop off the pump. Essentially one hose pushes fluid out and one hose sucks fluid in. We kept the out hose into the side tranny case opening, and the sucking hose in the bottle of Motul. Eventually we got the tranny case full and we closed it up.

Overall the car feels great. I won’t be able to give a proper review till the car sees a track – which will happen March 20, 2010.

Here are some pictures from today

Car up on jack stands

The fluids used

The old set up – ZCP rotors w/pfc 01 stock pads

Back plating removed w/Stoptech Caliper Carriers bolted up

New Zinc Plated rotor on

Holding a nice banana

PFC 01 Pad in

Flushing the brake fluid

Final product

More pics and a better review to come!


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