Clickity Click

So in late december, it was unusually mild in the Northeast (for a few hours).  I wanted to take the M3 out for a spin.  I go to the garage, try to unlock the car.  No luck.  At this point I have no battery jumper.  Hop on Amazon and order a Schumacher Battery Jumper w/overnight delivery.  It arrives.  I go downstairs.  Jump the car.  Boom off we go.

A week later, I want to drive her again.  Go to the garage, unlock…nothing.  Get the jumper.  Interior lights come on as I connect the jumper.  Hop in, turn the key, clickity click click.  Need a new battery?  Sure.  Drive to AutoZone.  Pick up a 47-DL

Connect it. Car turns on. Great.  Problem solved.

Decide to drive the car every week just to keep everything alive.

Unfortunately the Blizzards of 2010 arrive and my schedule goes amuck.  Two weeks pass, go downstairs to turn the car over.  Nothing.  Hook up the Jumper cables, clickity click.  JESUS What a FAILURE of a Winter.

Decided to look at my OEM BMW/Mini CSL battery.  It has a big black spot where it should be GREEN for fully charged, Yellow for Replace Battery.  Black indicates “insufficient charge”

Hook it up to the battery charger and am waiting on what happens.

The Mini battery had been fully drained.

I hate cold weather.

Bright news is that we’re only 16 days away from the first track event of the season – March 20, 2010 @ NJMP Thunderbolt w/PCA Schattenbaum!


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