Castrol SRF + Yorkie

So I decided to take the leap.  Castrol SRF.  Supposedly the best brake fluid in the world.  What makes it so good?

Brake fluid is a very potent liquid.  It is almost impenetrable until it is exposed to heat.  Brake fluid heats up every time it is compressed, which happens every time you step on the brake pedal.

So there are two boiling points

Dry boiling point – the temperature at which brake fluid, right out of the bottle, boils at

Wet boiling point – after a few uses, brake fluid deteriorates.  The wet boiling point is the temperature at which “older” “used” brake fluid starts boiling at.
What sets Castrol SRF apart from the rest is its wet boiling point – it is as high as its dry boiling point – which is pretty high in itself.  The SRF fluid will also fight the heat and break down at a slower pace.

My friend put in SRF halfway into the summer last season and recently bled his brake fluid – 0 bubbles all around and the same color as new.  People say you don’t need to change the fluid for atleast a year! Which is ridiculous.

Price paid: $152 from Turner Motorsports.


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