Vorshlag Nylon Motor Mounts + Transmission Mounts

On today’s agenda were the following

-Vorshlag Nylon motor mounts

-Vorshlag Nylon transmission mounts

-reroute my o2 sensors, that were extended to plug into the euro cats

Vorshlag Nylon motor mounts

I first drove a car with aftermarket motor mounts last summer.  The car belonged to forum member Tonggi and I was immediately impressed with the car and how much more sturdy motor mounts can make a car feel.  Although the car now vibrates, the vibration is slightly annoying, it does make the car feel more sturdy.  I also enjoyed how stiff the car felt while shifting.  Definitely an improvement to discuss and suggest to fellow forum members.

For those that are not entirely sure what motor mounts are – they are quite literal.  they support the motor and are mounted onto the front subframe.  so everytime you rev your motor, it moves (not like a Chevy Big Block), but it does move and the motor moves on the motor mounts.  With the vorshlag motor mounts – the movement is close to eliminated. This lack of flex is what creates vibration.

After Lightwerkz removed the oem motor mounts, you can see how much they can flex.  My motor mounts were actually cracking at their base, which is probably common with OEM rubber mounts.  I don’t forsee the vorshlag mounts having any problems like that in the near future.

Here are some pictures of the motor mounts

For those of you that track your car or just are the type of person that wants to eliminate ANY weak point of our cars, the motor mounts are a part of the car that should be considered.

Details: you need two jacks for this job.  One jack with a piece of wood that will jack up the oil pan, and that will lift the motor enough to get to the motor mounts.  The other jack to jack up the sub-frame when need be.

Vorshlag Nylon Transmission Mounts

In an effort to eliminate any Rogue part remaining on my car, I decided to replace the Rogue transmission mounts from my car.  When ordering the Vorshlag motor mounts, I saw that Vorshlag also sells transmission mounts.  I decided to pick up nylon ones and put them on today.

Disclaimer, the rogue ones are easier to put on.  These come with a bolt and a nut, where the rogue ones come with a threaded bolt through the mount, and you just put on two nuts on each side. For the vorshlag mounts, there is a bolt and a nut.  The bolt should go on top and the nut should be screwed on from the bottom.  Also, there is a little dimple for the bottom of the mount to “click” into to the transmission brace (so you can orientate the mount the right way).

Here are some pics of the mount installed

I was not sure how tight to tighten them, because when you tighten them, the bushing began to squish.  I didn’t want to kink them, so they are tight enough.

How do they feel?  Well they do make the shifting a bit more precise.  With the combination of the motor mounts and transmission mounts, the car feels VERY VERY stiff.  I love it. :thumbsup2:

I drove home w/a oem section 2 in the car, so I couldn’t really rip on the car on turns too hard.

Rerouting the o2 sensors

When I installed the OEM Euro cats, i had to extend the o2 wires.  Unfortunately the routing of the wires left me paranoid as I did not want the wires to touch the cat and burn them.

Since the section 1 was off for the transmission mount install, I just cut the heatshield a bit and routed the o2 wires through the heat shield.  This way, the o2 wires will be protected from the cats by the heat shield.

Unfortunately I don’t have many good pictures of the heat shield + wires, but the next time my car is up in the air, i will definitely post some better pictures.

With the combination of the vorshlag motor mounts and transmission mounts and new midpipe, the car has awoken. The car sounds so loud on the inside, but its not annoying by any means. The vibration of the motor mounts is somewhat annoying, but at the same time, I can live with it because I know what it is for and why it is happening – no flex = noises. Sadly there is no middle ground for performance and comfort with the motor mounts – except the OEM ones, and they will eventually wear down.

I love the way the car feels. I love the way the car sounds. And I love how the car looks. I am just a happy guy!


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