Those brakes may be glowing. Maybe.


My very close friend Lightwerkz recently installed the Bimmerworld Brake Cooling Kit.  The reason he installed it was…well, more cooling is … better.

When I went back to the OEM US Spec bumper, I removed the fog lights since I have no need for them, as the Lightwerkz Kit gives me all the lighting power I need.  I removed them lights for 2 reasons:

1. More space for air flow to the factory brake ducts

2. weight loss / lightwerkz potency was more than necessary

So, I had the oem brake ducts.  Were they any good?

The last track event we went to, Lightwerkz, Hossmp, myself, and a gentleman with an E92 M3 w/6pot/4pot Brembo 380mm BBK conducted a little experiment.

After each of our sessions, we took a pyrometer to measure the temperature of our rotors.

Myself (Intermediate run group, ZCP brakes, Ferodo DS2500 pads,etc) = 483 degrees F

Hossmp (novice run group, zcp brakes, axxis ult, brake lines, fluid, etc) = 405 degrees F

E92 M3 (Intermediate, BBK 4 wheels) = 383 degrees

Lightwerkz (Intermediate, Alcon BBK, Bimmerworld Brake Cooling Kit) 180-230 degrees

That is a 200 degree difference.  After we conducted this experiment I had to have the brake duct kit.

I ordered the kit the day I got home. Unfortunately the rotor backing plates are on back order and will not arrive for another 3 weeks or so.  The parts that I did receive were the Carbon Fiber air ducts, which mount where the fog lights went, the hose, which is very strong and can be bent to wrap from the fog light area to the rear of the rotor.


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