TC Kline Racing – Upgrade from 500lb springs to 600lb springs

TCKLINE 600lb Spring

So decided to stick w/the 600lb springs after having a quick conversation with Pete @ TC Kline Racing.

He pretty much stated that the ride height SHOULDN’T change regardless of the spring weight, but the beauty of these TCK ride height adjusters is that you should be able to adjust both sides evenly and not really throw off the corner weights or your toe – which was my main concern since last night when i put the 600lb springs.

So today, instead of going back to the 500 lb springs, i decided to just adjust the ride height – which is a really simple process

-get the car on jack stands

-remove the rear wheels

-release the ebrake

-undo the 18mm bolt that holds the shock to the assembly

-take the spring out

-mark the ride height adjuster at one focal point

-i went down  4 full turns

-slip the spring back on

-put the 18mm bolt back on

-put the wheel on

-ebrake up

-lower the car

-torque the wheels.

all in all, both sides were lowered exactly, and the cars ride height is back to 13.5 front, prob 12.85 in the rear.  Pete@TCK said you should try to get to a 3/4 inch difference from front to rear (front should be 3/4 inch higher).

i am very happy with the springs, as I already can feel a difference.  The rear end just feels stiffer.  maybe in combination with the roll bar.  who knows!


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