Supersprint Resonated Section 2 pipe

Supersprint Resonated Section 2

I received the Supersprint Resonated Section 2 in the mail thanks to James@EurosportDesign.

This was shipped ALL the way from Italy.  The piece looks nice.  I decided to go with a resonator since I ran Rogue’s x-pipe and it was way too loud.  Hope that this combination with the dixis will provide the ultimate sound that I have always craved with the M3.

The piece weighs 14lbs, which is REALLY light, considering the part has a big ass resonator.  The OEM section 2 weighs in at 22 lbs, and the Rogue X-pipe weighs 12 lbs (no resonator)

One word. WOW.

The car is a monster now. It compliments the Dixis muffler so well. Very excited with this piece. 10 lbs lighter than the OEM section 2 w/a resonator. Definitely a nice piece.

A cool view


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